Calm your Mind - Relax your Body - Restore your Energy

Welcome! Belinda founded Essential Restorative Massage in 2015, and has over eleven years experience in massage therapy and aromatherapy.


Belinda provides quality therapeutic massage every time with the aim to calm your mind, relax tension in your body and restore your energy. Belinda specialises in deep relaxation and her clients often comment that she knows all the right spots; that they feel deeply relaxed during and after treatment; and their tension is gone. Massage works on muscular tension and pain via the nervous system and Belinda’s remedial massage treatments are just as enjoyable as a relaxation massage because she has mastered the art of flow. You can trust you will be in experienced hands. A truly restorative treatment.

Based in Kenmore, a mobile (in home) massage therapy service is also offered. Belinda is qualified in aromatherapy massage, oncology massage (safe massage for cancer patients), remedial massage, and Swedish/relaxation massage.

Having completed a Certificate in Holistic Counselling, Belinda is uniquely qualified to work with cancer patients and their carers, people experiencing grief, people with trauma, anxiety, LGBTQIA community, people with disabilities or other special needs. Belinda is furthering her studies in counselling. However don’t feel you need to fit into any of these labels - Belinda works with a variety of people and has a deep drive to make a positive impact on people’s lives, even if in a small way. She holds space for people to completely relax and feel nurtured.

Massage Therapy helps reduce: stress and tension, muscular tension or pain, general tightness (fascia and/or muscles), fluid retention, sciatica pain, headaches, insomnia, postural issues, and much more. 

Aromatherapy massage can help with the issues listed above as well as issues such as women's hormone imbalances including PMS and menopause symptoms, digestive issues, emotional issues and some skin conditions. 

Oncology massage is a gentle, safe and effective massage for cancer patients (or people with other degenerative diseases) and can help reduce muscular pain and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, anxiety, nausea, depression, headaches, and insomnia. 

Choose Essential Restorative Massage to....

  • Calm your mind... Bring your focus inward and back to your body and take your mind off worries and stress. Receive an excellent service every time. Belinda is calm and trustworthy, allowing you to fully relax. Restore clarity and peace. 

  • Relax your body... Reduce and eliminate muscular tension and pain and restore muscular health. Calm the nervous system. Providing help with long term solutions for the body, such as help and advice for postural issues.

  • Restore your energy... A truly restorative experience for your mind, body and spirit. A mindful massage service is provided.  You can expect a feeling of wellbeing.

About Belinda

With over 11 years experience in massage and aromatherapy, Belinda's massage service is top quality and reliable with a holistic focus. Treatments are tailored to the individual and are deeply relaxing so that your pain and tension are reduced and you are left with a feeling of wellbeing. Belinda has mastered the art of flow and her massage style is truly restorative. 


Providing therapeutic massage services, including aromatherapy massage, oncology (cancer) massage, remedial massage, and Swedish/relaxation massage therapy. In addition, Belinda sells practitioner grade essential oils and provides advice on using aromatherapy at home. Belinda creates bespoke natural perfumes, face oils and organic herbal teas. 

Mobile Massage Brisbane

Interested in a mobile massage, and not sure what to expect? All the information you need is here, including the suburbs that are serviced, the advantages of mobile massage, and more! This isn't your typical mobile massage service where you may get an under-qualified therapist or beauty therapist - this is professional therapeutic massage service in your own home. 

Belinda is a natural healer and intuitive massage therapist. I felt deeply relaxed and restored after her treatment. She is so caring and focused on you and your wellbeing. I had an aromatherapy massage and the oils she chose were perfect for me. She was able to find all the right spots, used great pressure, relieved pain and tension, but also connect with me on a deeper energetic level too. I would highly recommend her services...she’s a massage angel.
— Megan F. (March 2018)