Essential Restorative Massage rewards loyal clients. Receiving regular massages reduces stress, reduces or eliminates pain, restores muscular health, helps to prevent muscular injuries and assists with postural issues. Why not join our loyalty rewards program or be rewarded when you refer a friend? 

Loyalty Rewards Program

Clients automatically receive the benefits of this program based on how often they visit. This is valid for massages at the Kenmore Clinic only, not mobile massages.

If you have 5 massages with Essential Restorative Massage within a 3 month period, you may receive an extra 15 minutes free on the fifth massage.*  


To qualify for this reward you would need to have a massage at least once every 3 weeks.

For the fifth visit most people choose to receive a 75 minute massage for the price of 1 hour

E.g. If you have your first massage on 17 January, you would have until 17 April to be up to your fifth massage and claim your reward. Then the next reward start date will begin on your sixth visit and so on. The more often you come, the more often you are rewarded. 

Refer a Friend - and you are both rewarded!


Refer a friend/family member and they will receive an extra 15 minutes free for their first massage and you receive an extra 15 minutes free for your next massage**

**Conditions apply:

  • This offer is valid for massages at the Kenmore clinic as well as mobile massages. If your friend would like a mobile massage they must live in an area that I service.

  • For you to receive your reward, your friend will need to have had their massage already and paid, advised that you referred them and you will need to have your next massage within 2 months of when your friend had their massage.

  • If you are due for an extra 15 minutes free from the loyalty rewards program above and qualify for the refer a friend reward at the same time, then you can choose to have an extra 15 minutes free on your next two massages or an extra 30 minutes free on your next massage - as long as the rewards are claimed within the timeframes listed above.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Generally, it is expected you will give at least 48 hours notice when you need to change an appointment. This is in courtesy of your massage therapist and other clients as your appointment time has been reserved for you, and it can be difficult to fill a spot with little notice. It is easy to reschedule via the online booking app (or by contacting me) so if you do need to reschedule please do so at your earliest convenience and note that you can only cancel/reschedule online up until 24 hours prior to your appointment. If giving less than 24 hours notice you will need to call me.

  2. If less than 24 hours notice is given with no medical issue/extenuating circumstances, 50% of the treatment fee may apply.

  3. If you fall ill with less than 24 hours until your appointment, then please call Belinda on 0433 523 678, giving at least 3 hours notice so that your appointment can be rescheduled with no penalty. Please leave a voicemail message if your call is unanswered.

  4. No show - when you don't show up and you haven't cancelled your appointment, or cancel last minute - the full fee applies.

  5. REWARDS: If you had to reschedule your appointment when you were due for your loyalty reward, you may carry over your reward only if the appointment still fits within the 3 month period, or 2 month period if it was a referral reward.

Thank you for your understanding.