Essential Restorative Massage provides a quality mobile (in-home) therapeutic massage service in Brisbane. 

Belinda services addresses within 25km drive of her Kenmore Clinic. Any address within 15km drive of the Kenmore Clinic is charged at the same rate. Addresses between 15.1km - 25km drive attract an extra $10 fuel/time charge. See the Pricing page for a list of suburbs serviced.

Key Benefits of choosing Essential Restorative Massage

  • Professional: experience a therapeutic massage in your own home by a fully qualified, insured massage therapist who is a member of a professional association.

  • Experience - Belinda is a highly skilled massage therapist, having over 11 years of experience in massage.

  • Trustable: Belinda is a calm, caring and reliable person.

  • Modalities offered include: aromatherapy massage, oncology (cancer) massage, remedial massage and Swedish relaxation massage. Belinda can switch between types of massages for people with different requirements, for example a cancer patient could have an oncology massage and their main carer could have a massage of their choice too, consecutively.

  • Also servicing retirement villages and nursing homes. Belinda is experienced with working with elderly clients, people with cancer or other special needs (including physical and mental disabilities).

  • You get the same massage therapist every time so you know what to expect and can relax fully.  

  • Supporting small business is good for the local economy. 

  • Belinda cares about sustainability - it is more environmentally friendly, as the service is provided for a select section of Brisbane, which means shorter distances are travelled. 

  • You can switch between mobile massage and visiting the home clinic in Kenmore with the same massage therapist. 

  • Reasonable rates.

  • You can book online or call to book an appointment.

Why choose Mobile Massage?

New - massage back spa.jpg
  • Very convenient for busy people - save time as the massage therapist comes to you!

  • Great option for parents. The most popular mobile massage is a 2 or 3 hour session, for 2 people. Parents enjoy that they can stay at home and no babysitter is required.

  • Especially beneficial for people with cancer, or other serious health condition, the elderly and clients with a disability. Belinda is experienced in all of these areas. 

  • It is more relaxing for you to have a massage in your home.

  • You can relax straight after the massage because you do not have to drive anywhere.

  • You don't need to worry about parking or parking fees and you save money on petrol. 

  • If you are sleepy after your massage, you can relax and go to sleep straight after.

  • You can choose your own music, however the massage therapist provides a great selection of relaxing music.

What to expect for a Mobile Massage with Belinda

  1. All equipment is provided: massage table, towels, oils, and relaxing music.

  2. For your first massage, you will be required to fill out a health history form while I set up, so that you can be treated appropriately and safely. We will discuss your condition, your expectations, and I will advise you of the treatment plan and gain consent.

  3. I will leave the room so that you can get changed out of your main clothing, leaving your underwear on, and a towel/sheet is provided for you to cover your body before I return to the room.

  4. The massage will begin. Only areas that are being worked on are uncovered at any time so you can completely relax in warmth and comfort.

  5. When time is up, I will gently inform you, pack up, and ask for your feedback. 

What you need

  1. A suitable place for my car nearby. Your driveway or street parking is fine.

  2. A quiet and clean space in your home approximately 3 metres by 2 metres. Basically enough space that I can walk around the massage table easily when it is set up, with no hazards on the floor.

  3. For the first appointment I accept payment with cash or Eftpos. For regular clients it can be easier to pay via bank transfer on the day of your appointment, this also avoids unnecessary transaction fees from card payments.

What you may do to prepare

  • It is suggested that you have a warm shower approximately 30 minutes prior to the start time.

  • Prepare the room for the massage - clear the floor space. 

  • For your comfort, try not to eat a large meal for two hours prior to the massage.

  • Do not consume any alcohol or drugs prior to the massage. Also please note that intoxicated clients will not be treated. 

  • You may play some relaxing music that you enjoy, otherwise I have a great selection of instrumental music, spa music and even healing sounds (aum chanting, etc) if you prefer that kind of thing.  

  • If you have kids, and they are quite young, ensure someone will be there to watch them if you don't want to be disturbed. Many parents book a massage session for both parents and take turns looking after their kids. Another option is having an evening massage, when the kids are usually in bed, or time your massage for when your baby has it’s nap time (yes many mums alone at home book mobile massages - there is a risk of it being disturbed but it can often work out just fine).

  • Set your mobile phone to silent once I arrive.

  • Prepare to experience a state of bliss and peace!

Note the following:

  • I don’t do mobile massages in hotels.

  • I don’t do seated corporate massages as the relaxation response is important, and this happens when a client is relaxed on a massage table with proper care and treatment and I do oil massages.

  • I do corporate massages on a massage table for small businesses who want to reward their employees or offer wellness options. Please call to discuss options - extra fees may apply depending on how many people - e.g. I could do 6 x 30 minute back/neck massages as a package deal. Note that I take health history of every client so your employees need to be okay with this. Health history and personal details are kept confidential. Towels are changed between each client. I bring everything required, you just need a room that offers some privacy and has enough space.

  • Massage by appointment only.

  • This is a professional health service only.