Swedish massage is enjoyable, relaxing and invigorating. The massage can be slow, medium or fast paced depending on the goal of the treatment. Belinda tailors the treatment to what you, the client, requires. 

Swedish Massage with Belinda

Belinda tends to use Swedish massage techniques in all of the massage styles offered as these are gliding, flowing and kneading massage techniques that induce deep relaxation in the body and help to calm the mind. Relaxation is very important as relaxing the nervous system is what leads to the reduction of pain. Relaxation Massage is perfect for melting your stress away and reducing tension in your whole body and can help relax minor to moderate tension in the muscles, and help prevent headaches and migraines. 

How Does Massage Therapy Actually Work?


Mechanoreceptors are sensory neurons that respond to mechanical stimuli such as touch and pressure, and are located within joint capsular tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscle, fascia and skin. Skilfully stimulating these mechanoreceptors using different pressures and techniques sends messages to the central nervous system (the spinal cord and then to the brain). The central nervous system then sends a signal back to the muscles to change their tonus. This is how massage therapy works. Massage therapists aren’t kneading out “knots” (this is terminology quite often used but doesn’t accurately explain what we do) - we are causing a response in the nervous system so that the muscle fibres relax. My hands have become very sensitive over the years - I can easily detect when your muscles are responding to a technique I’m using. My clients often comment that I hit all the right spots and that their tension is gone after treatment.

Key Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • It feels really good, and clients report a feeling of peace and well being.

  • Relaxes tension in muscles

  • Induces deep relaxation for the whole body - causing the parasympathetic nervous system to activate.

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation (temporarily)

  • May cause the release of beneficial neurohormones (oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine)

  • May help chronic pain, reduce headaches and migraines, reduce high blood pressure, improve insomnia, and be beneficial for anxiety disorders and depression.

  • Relaxation massage can benefit those who are going through a tough time, such as grief or mental health issues.