Calm your Mind - Relax your Body - Restore your Energy

Belinda provides a professional therapeutic massage service from her home-based clinic in Kenmore and a mobile massage service in people's homes (please see the "Mobile Massage" and "Pricing" pages for further details).

Massage and Aromatherapy are very beneficial and Belinda's massage is unique and highly restorative to your whole being. 

Belinda also works with several clients with cancer or a history of cancer, providing a safe, gentle and effective oncology massage service. 

 Massage treatment room in kenmore - very comfortable massage table, quiet street, air conditioning, view of garden. 

Massage treatment room in kenmore - very comfortable massage table, quiet street, air conditioning, view of garden. 

About Belinda

 Belinda van der merwe   diploma of remedial massage    diploma of aromatherapy    certificate in oncology massage   accredited member of australian traditional-medicine society

Belinda van der merwe

diploma of remedial massage

diploma of aromatherapy

certificate in oncology massage

accredited member of australian traditional-medicine society

Belinda has over ten years experience in massage therapy and has a broad working knowledge of many massage techniques and systems, with an interest in both Western and Eastern philosophies. Belinda uses remedial massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, trigger-point therapy and cross fibre mobilisation to treat your tense/impaired muscles, all the while utilising Swedish massage techniques to keep you relaxed throughout your massage session. Chinese acupressure techniques are also incorporated where required as Belinda has found them to be very effective for treating so called chronic issues. 

A qualified Aromatherapist, Belinda offers a unique aromatherapy massage using Essential Therapeutics essential oils, a trusted Australian brand. She also has these available for purchase so her clients may enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy at home. Aromatherapy massage is a deeply relaxing and restorative massage that delights the senses. Aromatherapy works via the limbic system in the brain as well as being absorbed via the skin, and has many benefits for different systems in the body. It is especially beneficial for anxiety, stress, women's hormonal imbalances, lethargy and other imbalances in the body.  

Belinda is also a qualified and experienced oncology massage therapist and works with clients with cancer and debilitating conditions. If you know someone who has cancer, or other serious health condition, an oncology massage is a very nurturing and restorative treatment for them. It has been found to reduce pain and other side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment including anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue, and insomnia. Anyone who has had cancer should only see a qualified oncology massage therapist, as this is a specialised type of massage to ensure they are treated safely. 

Belinda is passionate about natural medicine and holistic health, and provides a service that is beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. Belinda values honesty and education so you can expect little tips on how to feel better and to get out of patterns that cause pain in the body. However chances are you will enjoy the massage so much that even when you aren't in pain anymore, you'll be coming back for more treatments, which is an excellent way to care for yourself. After all, one cannot pour from an empty cup so self-care is very important with our busy lifestyles. 

Why choose Essential Restorative Massage?

There are many benefits of choosing Belinda as your massage therapist, here are some:

  • Professional quality service every time.

  • The treatment price is for the actual massage time. Most clinics include consultation in the treatment time. For example, your first treatment may take 10-15 minutes of consultation as you fill out the health history form and your condition is assessed - this time will be given complimentary. Why?...  because chances are you will like the massage so much that you'll be back for further treatments!

  • Personalised and professional treatment to suit your requirements. Everyone is valued and respected for the individual they are. 

  • The home clinic in Kenmore is located on a nice and quiet street. The clinic room is clean, air conditioned and the massage table very comfortable. It is a healing sanctuary.

  • Offering different modalities and blending styles to give you the best treatment; Belinda is trained in Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, and Oncology Massage.  

  • Over 10 years experience in massage therapy and aromatherapy.

  • Health fund rebates are available with many health funds - please see the Pricing page for a list. 

  • Inclusive massage therapy practice - welcoming different races, genders (including transgender) and orientation. It does not matter what you identify with, as long as there is mutual respect and professional boundaries are honoured. 

  • For Aromatherapy Massage, only 100% pure practitioner/therapeutic grade essential oils are used, ensuring quality and beneficial results. You may also purchase these essential oils (Essential Therapeutics - an Australian and TGA listed brand). 

  • Only natural products are used. For the massage sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or coconut oil is usually used. Natural oils are good for your skin. Most other massage clinics use products that contain synthetic and harsh chemicals that are not good for the body. Why? Because these nasty "oils" wash out easily from towels. Belinda's clinic is different - the focus is on the client experience so only natural and beneficial products are used. 

  • Parking your car is easy - on the street outside the house.

  • The home clinic in Kenmore is easy to locate and is a short distance from public transport.

  • Sustainability! As this is a small business and the mobile massage service is for a smaller section of Brisbane than other mobile massage businesses, this means that you get a better rate; it is environmentally friendly as shorter distances are travelled; and you are supporting a local business and therefore the local economy.